Islamic apps
Image Source/ Khaleej Times

Islamic apps are a great way to learn about our religion. It keeps a close check with namaz timings and other important Islamic ways of life. With Ramadan around the corner during these times, most Islamic countries will not be opening mosques any time soon.

The pandemic may take longer than expected. Considering that, it will take time for the world in order to go back to being normal. With the help of the following apps, you can identify your requirements and use them to generate a sense of Ramadan.

  1. Tasbih

    Islamic Apps
    Image Source/App Store

    Keep a count with the help of this app. Download here for android and here for iOS

    2. Muslim+ Prayer Times, Quran, Qibla, Dua, Tasbih

    Islamic Apps
    Image Source/Kaba

    Great app! Never miss a namaz. Download here for android

    3. Quran Majeed – Ramadan 2020

    Islamic Apps
    Image Source/Google Play

    Read Quran anytime you want. Download the app for android here

    4. Muslim Pro

    Muslim Pro
    Image Source/Google Play

    Learn new things about our beautiful religion. Download the app for android here

    5. OnePath Network 

    One Path
    Image Source/Google Play

    One Path Network is one of my favorite. The app has too many options to disocver. Download app here

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