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Every culture has their own superstitions. So, for instance, Americans consider 13 to be an unlucky number. Now whoever is superstitious will remove any sign of thirteen. And hence, several apartments do not have a 13 floor. Many airlines do not have a 13 number of seats. Similarly, Pakistanis also have a few superstitions that they believe in. In fact, ‘few’ might be an understatement.

So let’s explore a ‘few’ of them.

1. Don’t go to the roof with long wet hair

You are bound to have heard this one at some point in time. Do not go to the roof at maghrib if your hair is wet and long. If you are a girl, you will have heard it more than the boys. The justification the elders give is that the jinns pass by at that time, and they like long hair. So it’s likely that they will possess you.

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2. Bit your tongue recently?

This one always gives me a complex because I tend to bite my tongue a lot. The superstition goes somewhat like this: if you bite your tongue, someone talked bad about you. So be careful next time you eat your food!

3. Cawing of crow

If you are a people person, you won’t mind this. But if you don’t like company, well, too bad because when a crow caws, a guest is upon your doors. You could always wet your hair and quickly go to the roof. Who knows, a jinn just may become your savior. I, for one, would always choose a jinn over a human.

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4. Tasbeeh in the rain

First of all, Karachi does not get rain. But when it does, it rains cats and dogs. So what do you do to stop the rain? If you are superstitious, you will hang a rosary (tasbeeh) outside your door. Does it really stop the rain, you ask? Well, does a crow really bring a guest then?

5. Don’t take white things in open containers under the open sky!

They say, don’t take out white things in transparent containers under the sky. Something terrible always follows. But it made me curious, so I tried finding out what could be that bad. It’s because when the cat sees the white. And assuming it’s milk, it attacks. That’s a bad thing.

Anyway, these were a collection of a few superstitious beliefs that Pakistanis have. What do you think?

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