Top 10 Super Bowl Ads of All Time

Top 10 Super Bowl Ads of All Time

With the Super Bowl fever reaching its zenith, brands around the world are preparing for themselves for the next season.

The most awaited Super Bowl XLVIII finale will be played on February 2nd,2014 with much anticipation from the sports lovers.

To keep up with the spirit here are the all time most shared Super Bowl advertisements.

1) Volkswagen-The Force

The Volkswagen Passat 2011 ad got the highest sharing of 5,245,370 shares and the concept of the child Darth Vader from Star Wars was loved by all.

2) Budweiser-9/11 Commercial

This commercial that honoured the victims of 9/11 attacks in New York was aired in 2002 and received 3,347,092 shares.

3) Budweiser-The Clydesdales

The famous brewery brand’s 2013 ad which got 2,737,100 shares showed unconditional love between a man and the horse he has catered for.

4) Ram Trucks-Farmers

American pick-up trucks, Ram Trucks’ 2013 commercial got as many as 1,892,089 shares and admired the efforts of farmers.

5) Fast and Furious 6-Big Game Spot

The action packed trailer of Paul Walker’s last film Fast and Furious 6 got 1,513,953 shares was aired during 2013.

6) OK-Go-Needing/Getting

The famous 2012 song by the American band OK Go got 1,249,490 shares because of its musical creativity.

7) Volkswagen-The Bark Side

The German brand’s 2012 ad showing many dogs barking simultaneously got 901,401 shares.

8) Fast & Furious Five

The trailer of the car racing flick Fast Five in 2011 got 888,686 shares.

9) Star Trek Into Darkness

The teaser of 2009’s sequel Star Trek Into Darkness got 707,457 shares when aired in 2013.

10) M&Ms-Sexy and I know It

The 2012 M&M showed the M&Ms dancing on the hit song I am Sexy and I know It and got 545,601 shares.