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Image Song: Strings Songs

The beloved Pakistani band, Strings, has finally decided to part its ways after 33 years of giving us incredible music. Here are the top 10 songs we will never forget!

1. Sar Kiye Ye Pahar

Sar Kiye Ye Pahar was released in 1992 and nothing compares to it. From the lyrics to the musical composition, it is the song many turn towards for solace.

2. Sajni

One of the most recent productions, Sajni enjoys a large number of following. It’s upbeat, has the classic Strings lyrics and the tune is something you can keep dancing to.

3. Kahani Muhabbat Ki

Don’t know about Kahani Muhabbat Ki but the kahani of strings was surely “mukhtasir”. This is also one of the cult favourite songs created by the band in 2003. It has been winning hearts since then.

4. Mera Bichra Yaar

If you’re ever missing a friend, this is not the song to be listening to. Something that makes Strings’ songs so emotionally captivating is their lyrics— they truly had a gift.

5. Urr Jaon

Urr Jaon is a song that demands an acquired taste. With the right melody and compositions, this song is the best one to turn to if you’re looking for an escape. It has the quality of making you get lost in it!

6. Chaaye Chaaye

One of the oldies but goldies collection of Strings. This song was on everyone’s lips when it came out and still remains a favourite amongst so many across all generations.

7. Najanay Kyun

Just as Strings does happy songs so well, Strings also has the ability to make sure its songs depress you to your core. This song does just that and there are many amongst us who love that. It’s perfect for mid-week blues!

8. Soniye

Soniye is right up your alley if you were the biggest fan of Strings when they were more of an indie-rock band. This song has a particular tone and rhythm to it which we love!

9. Yeh Hai Meri Kahani

Add this to your collection for mid-week blues. With the pandemic at large, they might be going nowhere but we now have a playlist full of Strings’ songs to help us recover.

10. Duur

Ending the list with Duur seems like the best way to bid farewell to Strings. Duur is one of their classics with impactful and catchy lyrics as the imaginary character awaits for someone to come. Strings has come and now left, what about us?

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