Passwords which are popular
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Security is an important part of our everyday lives. Whether it is online or on the perimeter fence, security is vital. Even during the time of crusades, sentries were posted all around the Bazaars, to keep an eye on pickpockets and assassins. Forwarding to the time of the internet, online security became important too.

When WiFi became a thing, people wanted passwords to protect their networks. You would not want unwanted users taking up your bandwidth and slowing down your internet. Now, many times, unwanted users are still able to access your WiFi. This is because some passwords are so commonly used, they unlock a lot of networks. So, here are some of the most popular passwords that people ought to stop using,

Popular Passwords you shouldn't use
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1. ‘Pakistan123’

It comes as no surprise that this password is one of the most popular ones on this list. You could open up any widely used network and try this as a first guess. 40% of the time, this password unlocks the WiFi. It is that common.

2. ‘123Pakistan’

If the password mentioned above doesn’t work, try it in reverse. Odds are, it will work and unlock the wifi. It is recommended not to use Pakistan and the first three digits together. Instead, one ought to be more creative. Since the password is so cool now, you shouldn’t make use of it.

3. ‘12345678’

PTCL used to keep this as the default password for its users. Then users had the option to change it themselves after installation. However, many people never changed their passwords, and, thus, a lot of WiFi networks lost their security. Even today, one can use this as a first guess when trying out a PTCL network.

4. ‘Pakistanzindabad’

This is yet another popular password on this list. You’d often be surprised how much this password is used. The only difference with this password often seen is the number of ‘a’s in zindabad.

5. ‘Dildilpakistan’

It is quite common for people to use patriotic songs in their passwords. Dil Dil Pakistan is a popular song by the renowned band ‘Vital Signs.’ Those who prefer this password often do it for the nostalgia of it. However, it is recommended that if you do use it, make some alterations to it.

Popular Passwords to stop using
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6. ‘qwerty123’

This is yet another common password. It is also used as a default for some of the service providers. If you have this password set, it is recommended to change it as many people have a good chance to access it.

7. Using Bollywood Actor Names:

Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, and some more are quite common when it comes to wifi passwords. People use many different Bollywood Actor Names as their passwords, and most of them are famous actors. So that is another guess an unwanted user can take, which will be beneficial for them.

8. ‘1234567890’

Just like the default 1-8 password, many users alter theirs just to add two more digits to the end. Albeit creative, it has now also become a popular password. If the numbers till 8 aren’t enough to unlock, a person may go the extra mile to add two more.

9. ‘password’

This used to be one of the most ingenious tricks of the trade. If you had this as your password, it was quite impressive. However, now it’s more common than rare.

10. ‘11111111’

This a password for a lot of binary lovers. If the combination is of 1s and 0s, then the password is quite strong. However, using just 1s compromises, it’s integrity. It is better not to use this.

Passwords which are common
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These are just some of the most common Passwords being used in Wifis here in Pakistan. It is recommended that you not use any of these are they are heavily used. Anyone could access your network!

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