Top 10 News Programs

Media Monitors has released the ranking of top ten news programs in Pakistan in September 2018 by Airtime Minutes.

The research has been conducted across all leading news channels of the country and their top news shows.

Many of these news networks broadcast wide-ranging programs, helmed by leading media moguls of the industry to compete with their rivals in the industry.

From discussing social causes, world affairs, political debates, expert opinions and political satire, these programs aim to deliver high-powered content to be the most sought-after sources of news.

Following is the breakup of the top 10 news programs in Pakistan in September 2018 by Airtime Minutes.

Top 10 News Programs by Airtime Minutes- September

                                 TOP 10 NEWS PROGRAMS By Airtime Mins
NEWS GENRE PROGRAM NAME                 Airtime (Mins)
Live With Dr.Shahid Masood                          933
Debate News Analysis (DNA)                          784
Hasb-e-Haal                          696
News Cafe                          599
Benaqaab                          582
Tonight With Fereeha                          578
Khabardar Naqalo Se Hoshiyar                          565
Geo Pakistan                          551
Mazaaq Raat                          506
Jago Lahore                          498
Grand Total                        6,291