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Numerous people in history have become famous for their actions. The actions could be good, they could be bad, and they could be evil. It is the actions that tell us how the people committing them would be categorized. The ones who do evil come to be known as evil. But who are the most evil people in the history of humankind? We have compiled a list for you. If you disagree with us, do let us know.

1. Elizabeth Bathory

A Countess in Hungary, specifically the Carpathian Mountains, was known as Countess Dracula, one of the most evil people. She was known to have killed 650 girls. The number of victims is controversial because no one is sure about them. She was even said to have killed and eaten her servants. Some even say that she is so cruel that she would bathe in her victims’ blood. Upon being caught, she did not get any trial and was put in a small room. She died after four years.

2. Adolf Hitler

Hitler does not need any introduction. He was responsible for the massacres of the jews. And the hurt of the Nazis, his followers, stays there even now. He was so evil that he did not think the jews were humans. Just the gas experiments were responsible for the murder of 300,000 people.

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3. Mary I of England

Responsible for killing numerous protestants, Mary I of England was called the Bloody Mary. Even though she aimed to restore Catholicism within England, the punishments for those she considered heretics were plain awful. Moreover, it was not productive considering that right after her death, the process of reestablishing catholicism got reversed.

4. Vlad Dracula

Commonly known as Vlad Dracula, the prince of Wallachia rules thrice; in 1448, 1456 – 1462, and 1476. It is said that his personality became the inspiration for the legendary Dracula. His method of killing meant that the victim would have both his legs tied to horses. A well-oiled stake would then be inserted through the buttocks. It was forced inside the body and would them emerge through the mouth.  Impaling his victims was his favorite pastime that he became known as Vlad the impaler.

5. Myra Hindley

Belonging to Britain, Myra and her partner were responsible for the Moor murders that happened in the 1960s. They would kidnap, sexually torture, and murder children. She did not show any remorse until the very end.

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Ivan from Russia lived in the 1500s. From childhood, he was pure evil throwing animals from tall buildings. When a teenager, he started killing humans. When an adult, he began doing massacres and burning whole villages and cities. The type of killings he would order ranged from beheading, strangling, hanging, blinding, burning, stabbing, among other punishments, and he would like to watch it happen.

7. Amelia Dyer

Amelia Dyer is noted to have murdered more than 400 babies during the victorian era. She called it baby farming, where she would convince single and young mothers to let her take care of the babies. The bodies would be dumped in the Thames River.

8. Attila the Hun

Attila, the Hun, nicknamed Attila the Scourge of God, was so evil that he murdered and ate his own sons and brothers. If people would ask him for mercy, he would still kill them. People considered him the punishment of God for their wrongdoings. When a woman refused his hand in marriage, he killed her and 11,000 of her companions.

9. Aileen Wuornos

Aileen was a prostitute who would kill and rob men. When she was caught, she claimed that she did it in self-defense. But it was later revealed that he intentionally killed all six of them. She was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

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10. Ted Bundy

The handsome serial killer exploited his looks by picking up girls on the roadside. They would willingly get in his car, and that’s why he was caught way later in the timeline. Until then, he killed numerous girls. Even when he was caught, the media painted him in a positive light just because he looked nice.

These are just some of the most evil people in the world’s history that one should know about.

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