Inventions that changed the course of history
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Every era has seen one form of invention or another. Despite the human race facing disease and war, they have still managed to progress further than ever before. When the elevator was first invented, everyone’s mind was simply blown. People used to be quite afraid of standing in an elevator.

This is because they were not used to the ground moving instead of them. They had the same reaction to escalators as well as capsules. Now, with 2020 ending, let us ponder and look back towards history. Let us see some of the top brilliant Inventions which completely changed the world!

Tesla Inventions for the world
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1. The Automobile:

When horse-drawn carriages began to feel slow to people, the inventors got to work. The invention of the automobile brought a substantial change to the world’s geography. Where they were using animal power, coal and oil were now being used. Eventually, this brilliant Invention dominated the commuting world. You will not find a place that is devoid of automobiles.

2. The Microwave:

The discovery of these waves was an interesting one. The person responsible for discovering them walked across a radar test room and passed near a running magnetron tube. When he gave it, the candy bar in his pocket began to melt, and thus, we now have microwaves for heating food!

Innovative Inventions to change the world
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3. UPS Systems:

The world would be quite a dark place if it were not for UPS systems. These are electronic devices that allow your system to keep running even after a power outage. Every single organization and business uses UPS systems. Factory assembly lines employ heavy use of them because even a second stopping procedure could mean a loss of millions!

4. The Parachute:

Now, this is an invention that allowed humans to dive from the sky with ease. They were especially useful when world war 2 took place because planes were first used in a fight. Parachutes are one of the most brilliant inventions and quite literally changed the course of the world.

Inventions that changed The world
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5. Submarines:

It became difficult for naval ships to gather intelligence when radar technology rose relatively high. The invention of the submarine gave birth to a new area of travel. Before, humans could merely break the surface of the ocean. Now, they can go hundreds of feet below it without a worry. So submarines can be considered a worthy invention.

6. The Camera:

Of course, not all inventions are part of the primary industry. Some are purely used for personal purposes. To preserve moments and memories in physical form, the camera was invented. Fast-forwarding to 2020, smartphones now employ State-of-the-art technology behind photo capture!

Inventions which changed the course of the world
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7. Smartphones:

One cannot mention inventions and leave out Smartphones. These are, most probably, the most mobile and useful invention of the 21st century. They allowed a lot of use that humans could not do before. Additionally, they made communication more comfortable as well as knowledge more accessible.

8. HDDs and SSDs:

This can be considered as quite a specific invention, but it’s brilliant. Back during the 90s, 20MB used to be regarded as quite an enormous deal. Owning a PlayStation 2 with an 8MB memory card meant you played with the gods! HDDs and SSDs provide users with a tremendous amount of storage and fast usage on laptops and computers.

9. A Lightbulb:

The world would be quite a dark place without them (Pun Intended). There was a whole war that took place after the bulb was invented. Gas lanterns went out of style, and the anatomy of the entire world changed. Now we see lights in every home, and they were being improved more and more every day. Kerosene lamps are history now.

10. Recon Drones:

The 21st century brought about a lot of technical developments. One particular one was the recon drone. Recon drone technology is indeed much older, but their rage was during the first decade of the 21st century. They provided surveillance at a level not many could comprehend and are getting smaller with every improvement! This puts it on the list of the most brilliant inventions ever!


That concludes this list of the top 10 Brilliant Inventions. They not only changed the world but have cemented themselves well in history.

Drones as Inventions
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