Samsung and Xiaomi phones comparison
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Purchasing a smartphone can often be quite a complicated decision, since we are keeping multiple things into perspective. We have to make sure that most of the things on our smartphone checklist are selected before getting one. That said, if there was an option to select between a brand new Xiaomi 12 or a used Samsung S21, which one should you go for? Both phones are robust in their own capacities but it is possible you might go for one over the other.

The Xiaomi 12 is a flagship phone that had quite a lot of impressive specifications. It has 8GB and 12GB ram options alongside 128GB and 256GB storage options. Powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, it is quite the beast in the market. It is considered as a Xiaomi flagship and a lot of people might want to go for it. However, we are here to tell you that if this smartphone is put in comparison of a used Samsung S21, we recommend you to buy the Samsung!

samsung s21 over the new Xiaomi 12
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Purchasing The Samsung Instead

Yes, you might be wondering why to purchase an older generation Samsung instead of the new smartphone? Firstly, Samsung promises the same experience to every user. This means that even if you go and buy a used Samsung, you will find it working in a good quality. The company promises long term usage and you can always expect the phones to give you a long life.

Even if the previous owner of the smartphone may not have kept it with utmost care, the phone itself is quite durable and robust. Against the Xiaomi 12, the Samsung S21 can hold its ground well, despite being two generations old. Additionally, Samsung will still support updates on the device, thus there is no need for any sort of worry.

better to get a used flagship than a new one
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Go For Quality Over Aesthetics

That being said, while the Xiaomi 12 itself is not any less of a beast, we would recommend Samsung because of the high credibility on quality. Xiaomi has had its fair share of adverse reviews on quite a lot of smartphones, thus we would recommend it more for the mid-range or the budget range.

Additionally, the Samsung S21 will even cost you less than the Xiaomi 12 and is guaranteed to give you absolute premium experience. The Xiaomi 12 might not give you the same experience as the next user of the same phone model due to some inconsistency issues.

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