As of April 13, 2023, Pakistan TikTok, a well-known platform for short videos, has just published its most recent Community Standards Enforcement Report for Q4 2022 (October–December 2022), continuing its dedication to a multifaceted strategy to combat false material on the network. The report demonstrates the platform’s continued dedication to gaining trust by being honest and striving to create a friendly environment.

The total number of videos removed globally in the fourth quarter of 2022 was 85,680,819, or around 0.6% of all videos published on TikTok. Automation eliminated 46,836,047 videos in total, while 5,477,549 videos were recovered.

In Q4 2022, 12,628,267 videos were taken down in Pakistan due to violations of the community guidelines. The site terminated accounts for breaking the community guidelines as well as accounts it found to be spam and the spam videos they had submitted. Also, it took proactive steps to stop spam accounts from being created automatically.
In Q4, 95.5% of offensive films in Pakistan were taken down within a day, and 89.7% were taken down before anyone could watch them. In Q4 2022, the proactive removal rate was 98.8%

In addition, 17,877,316 accounts that may have belonged to individuals under 13 were eliminated internationally in Q4. During the fourth quarter, 54,453,610 bogus accounts were also deleted.

The Community Standards for TikTok are intended to promote an environment that values authenticity, inclusivity, and safety. The rules of TikTok are universally applicable to all users and all material, and they aim to be applied consistently and fairly. TikTok uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and human resources to find, examine, and deal with content that contravenes the platform’s rules. The amount and nature of content and accounts deleted from the network are revealed in the quarterly Community Guidelines Engagement report. Visit TikTok’s Transparency Center to access the complete Q4 2022 report.

See the Community Guidelines for more information about TikTok’s content standards, tools, and rules.

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