Image Source: Neil Patel

Gone are the days when brands would approach the conventional media for advertisement. The ever-changing trends in technology have not only given rise to a plethora of new devices, but have also significantly impacted consumer behavior. For example, people now easily get fed up of ads that last more than 30 seconds. Heck, in some cases, people look for the skip button on their mobile screen while watching a less than 30-second ad!

The user’s short span of attention has compelled the brands to think outside the box. They are now pushing to place the ads of their products and services on platforms like TikTok where creativity is celebrated and content creators are rewarded with paid partnerships with brands.

Unlike other platforms or the conventional media, TikTok can be made and uploaded in a matter of few seconds using the app’s editing tools. In short, the input is simple and the outcome is just amazing.

It is then no wonder that brands have started taking TikTokers onboard for their products and services. They [TikTokers] do not only endorse the products and services in a creative manner but also become the voice of the brand. And this is not all. They turn their followers into “brand ambassadors” by asking them to use the same hashtag thereby amplifying the reach of the advertiser.

But there are a few things that the brands should also know. They must focus on keeping the content authentic, engaging and creative. The users of TikTok can tell when a brand is not being honest with its core values.

Content creators can also help the brands by using the art of storytelling in their promotional videos. What they are putting out on their channel is received by millions of potential users. So they must also realize their responsibility towards the brands they are working with. Advertising on TikTok is still in its infancy in Pakistan. If nurtured properly, it can even redefine the advertising norms.