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Are you a TikToker or a content creator and are you looking for content ideas but can’t seem to find anything good? Don’t worry Tako will soon be available to help you with finding content. Tako is TikTok’s new AI chatbot which will recommend videos to you and even answer any question that you might have regarding viewer engagement and reach on TikTok. As if TikTok wasn’t interactive enough with its users, now it’s going to get really personal.

Image Source: The Verge

TikTok is currently in the initial testing phase of Tako. According to a statement from them, Tako is being tested in the Philippines and utilizes a third-party chat assistant. The primary objective of Tako is to facilitate the discovery of entertaining and inspiring content on TikTok for content creators. Despite being in the early testing stage, TikTok has prominently featured Tako within the app. The chatbot appears in the main right-hand menu alongside bookmarks and likes

MyAi vs Tako 

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This approach is the same as Snap and how it has positioned its chatbot, “My AI”, in its app by placing it at the top of user chats. However, unlike My AI, TikTok is positioning Tako as a means to explore new content and gain further insight into the topics being discussed in video clips. In a screenshot of the chat interface, the bot encourages users to ask any questions and assures them that it will make its best effort to assist in finding what they are seeking.

Apart from Tako, TikTok is also experimenting with generative AI, including the testing of AI-generated avatars. However, TikTok has not disclosed any information about a wider implementation of this technology. The company’s commitment to this technology remains uncertain at present. In its statement, TikTok mentioned that it currently has no plans beyond the early testing phase of Tako.

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