Romaisa Khan
Image Source: Instagram

Social media is a people’s platform. Someone creates content, and if the general public likes it, it starts trending. If people are talented and continue to provide consistent entertainment, they become social media stars. One such celebrity who achieved fame is Romaisa Khan. She is known for making fun and comic videos on TikTok. With more than 3.5 million followers, Romaisa has ensured to win her viewers’ respect through her videos.

Tiktok Fame

But as the content creators video trend time and again, sometimes they also make the news. Their fame, too, is not dissimilar to that of other mainstream media celebrities. So when they make the news, if it is for controversial reasons, they have to face their followers’ wrath. A case in point being the TikTok star who was caught with a girl on a bed clothless. So some time ago, Romaisa went through being in the news for something other than her content too.

Romaisa khan’s Leaked, Video Story 

Many publications covered the news that Romaisa Khan was doing immoral activities with another man in a short 14-second clip. People thought that since it was a short clip, it was recorded by mistake and so it had to be real. And from then on, Romaisa faced all sorts of reactions from people bashing her for doing this.

After taking it all for a few days, she traced down the video and gave an appropriate reply to all her haters. She said she didn’t want to respond empty-handed because people wouldn’t have believed her. And then she said that she would be adding the name of the Srilankan model who is her look alike. It was her video, which more than 2 minutes long. In the 14 seconds extract, the model looked the most like her.

People’s hate

Looking at that and without any check and balance, people made the video go viral. But what’s worse is that such tapes do not spread in isolation. They spread, accompanied by hate. And the haters ensure that the subject of scorn receives it.

She does make sure to thank her family, who believed her no matter what, her friends, and her loyal fans who stood by her. But most importantly, she does leave an important message. Having gone through it herself, Romaisa says that the amount of mental stress she was in because of all the haters, if it were someone else, they would have slipped into mental issues.

And it is indeed a significant point because usually, people do not think about how they will be affecting others. Interestingly, if you hate others, you are also filling yourself with negativity, so the joke is on you.

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