Modest fashion and beauty influencer Queen Daro was accused of abandoning her children and leaving them behind with her former husband. The controversy around her second marriage however has reached new heights. Her platforms have begun to flood with hateful accusations calling her an unfit mother. When Tiktok content creator Dareen shared clips of her second marriage, with UK-based businessman Asim Butt, her fans were abuzz.

Queen Daro Responds To Accusations

After four days of relentless scrutiny and heated online debates, Queen Daro decided to break her silence and address the situation herself. She shared a heartfelt statement on her Instagram story. The German business owner disclosed that she had been separated from her ex-husband for two years before tying the knot again.

Despite this, she made it clear that her top priority remains the well-being of her children. She explained how she continues to care for and raise.

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Queen Daro instagram statement

Queen Daro’s statement provided a much-needed glimpse into the reality of her circumstances. She eradicated rumors and offered valuable context to the public. While she expressed reluctance to dive into further details, she shared that she feels blessed for the path that Allah has laid out for her.

Dareen also went live on Instagram recently and addressed the situation once again, in a light-hearted and comedic way. She showed her kids on the live asking them to say hi,s since everyone is always asking where you are. She asked her audience to not share photographs of her children as well.

It’s important to remember that beyond the hype of social media influencers lie real individuals. Each of them leads a complex life and experiences. Queen Daro’s journey shows us the strength of working mothers and single parents.

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