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Image Source: MM News TV

A group of roasters in Pakistan on Youtube feel that they are exceptions to all limits of morals and ethics. One of them, Ali Khan, just got exposed!

The Controversy

Ali Khan brought a girl into his video, apparently a dark-skinned girl, and then he crossed his limits. The girl’s face was extremely dark, and thus, the girl was made out to be dark-skinned. 

Due to this, Ali Khan started making fun of the girl and started calling her “Kali,” “kali.” This led to a lot of uproar on social media, and several YouTubers also made a video on this. They spoke about how unacceptable this was, including Raza Samoa, Rahim Pardesi, and others.

How Was This Fake?

Shahmeer Abbas, another YouTuber in Pakistan, exposed that stunt altogether. Shahmeer’s observation of this video told everyone that the girl was hired to act in that publicity stunt. Moreover, the said girl was supposedly wearing makeup to look darker. Why? Because her hand comes in the video, and it’s substantially lighter than her face.

Shahmeer Abbas also showed this video to a professional skin doctor who said that this could not be real; it is definitely fake. The color that the girl is shown to be is first of all more grey, and secondly, she is also characteristic of several features that she does not have.

Was This Exposed The Right Way?

Shahmeer Abbas, although did right to call out a senseless Tiktoker’s stunt, the way he did it was not right.

In the video, he keeps referring to Ali Khan as a “choora.” A “choora” is a slur and a derogatory term used for Christians and the laborers in our society, which should not be promoted today. Moreover, he clearly says that people like Ali Khan, who are “uneducated,” can never gain Youtube success.

That line in particular (and you can see word for word in the video) relates a lot to what Shehzad Ghias said about the TikTok ban. The ban on TikTok is a class-ist act because yes, half the people on TikTok are your everyday people who don’t have fancy degrees and work on daily wages. 

This is representative of sadly a huge part of our society; if we have the conscience to do right in one place, we forget it in the other.

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