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We, as humans, have come quite far from the time when we first started to invent stuff. The invention of the wheel a turning point (Pun Intended) for the world at the time. Now, automation is becoming a thing of the future. This is all with respect to what humans have accomplished. They’ve been to the moon and back.

They plan to go to Mars for exploration and colonization. But what about our growth as human beings? Are we really learning to co-exist with each other or we finding new ways to escalate our differences? The latest information from Instagram may contradict whatever we may have achieved in terms of growth. A TikTok based celebrity called a fan, of his, ‘Kaali’!

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What is this if not a form of Verbal Assault?

TikToker Makes Insult

How far have we come?

It surprises the writer of this article that there are people who still address another by their physical features. This is not only one of the highest forms of insult, but also an encouragement of verbal abuse. TikToker Ali Khan Hyderabadi decided to host an Instagram Live activity. This activity would include him calling a random fan on video chat and having a hearty face to face. Or so we thought that was it.

When the TikTok fan and Ali Khan came face to face, he insulted her by calling her ‘Kaali’ and similar names! How is this a way to treat a fan? Is it not because of the fans that these stars attain their fame? It’s almost like they don’t care about their fans. Calling her by that particular word not only enters a racial zone, but breaches moral boundaries of what it means to be human.

Moving away from the Past:

Imagine how the fan must’ve felt when they were about to start talking. Now imagine how they must’ve felt after the insult. People often inspire people to be better versions of themselves but when their heroes are not even trying, why should they? The complexion of a person should not be regarded as their defining feature. Their complexion is not what makes them who they are. Who they are, their attributes, that’s what makes them human.

If this TikTok celebrity cannot respect the aforementioned ideology, then maybe the fan could look for another hero.

True Nobility:

If we intend to move forward and grow, we cannot allow ourselves to indulge in such verbal activities. The writer of this article cannot even begin to imagine the impact this one statement would have had on the confidence of the fan. What if they don’t ever meet any of their inspirations?

So what is true Nobility? It is not being superior to others or feeling higher than them. It is being superior to your former self. We hope the said TikToker does not engage in such verbal activities in the future. It would not be too far from the right thing to apologise to the fan. After all, their support made the star rise to where they are.

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