tiktok guidelines
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TikTok has been the source of a lot of controversies lately. The app that helps create short videos initially gained popularity internationally before it became common in Pakistan. 

Why Was It Creating A Controversy?

A lot of people had issues with the kind of digital content that was being created on the app. Youngsters and adult-like were creating content that was considered indecent and against the values of the country or culture. The focus in such content went more towards dancing and romantic clips instead of making something that was constructive. 

TikTok On The Verge Of A Ban

TikTok got banned in India for grave reasons. The country deemed the app to be a threat to national security. India banned the app after its skirmishes with China in the Galway Valley. They alleged that the app stole data from users illegally upon the download of the app.

Around that time, Pakistan had banned PUBG over concerns of the deteriorating mental health of its youth. Following that, people started protesting digitally for a ban of TikTok, and the government issued a warning for the ban of TikTok.

How Did TikTok Counter this?

Tiktok guidelines
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Kudos to TikTok for taking swift action against the complaints being made against it. TikTok has issued an updated version of the community guidelines on its app in Urdu. The instructions laid down some ground rules of creating content that can create a beneficial experience on the platform. 

Moderating the content on the platform has become a priority in order to ensure that it is not challenging the country’s values. A few of Pakistan’s favorite celebrities have teamed up with TikTok to raise awareness regarding the creation of digital content and how to utilize the app productively.

See What Zhalay Sarhadi Has To Say!

Her message is more directed towards the public’s attitude towards TikTokers. She asks the nation’s people not to ridicule others. Also, reporting the wrong type of content is the duty of each responsible citizen. 

There is no need to condemn them in public and launch a campaign against them, you can report them on the app, and the content will be taken down.

Hira Mani Also Has Something To Say

Hira Mani’s message is also noteworthy. Her message pertains to the many young lives that have been lost while creating content on TikTok. She advises people to acknowledge safety guidelines before and while creating content. Moreover, TikTok has community guidelines available on its website that can be read in Urdu as well! Make use of them and be safe.

Azfar Rehman’s Advice To TikTokers

Rehman’s advice was to counter the spread of misinformation and scandals on the app. He advises people to decide against spreading fake news and rumors. Doing so can be damaging to the country and also those who are genuinely creating useful content. He urges people to be mindful of the values of the country. 

All in all, we hope TikTokers will pay heed to the community guidelines. May the content that will be created will bring pride to Pakistan. 

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