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TikTokers have been all the rage ever since the app became a worldwide success. It has produced many celebrities and for those celebrities to maintain the status quo, they have to come up with regular content. And coming up with content is hard. So they have to be on their toes constantly. This TikTok couple was also going through that, and for lack of content or not, they ended up doing a video based on police.

Tiktok Couple get arrested

The Tiktok couple dressed up in Rawalpindi police uniforms. And they made Tiktok videos. Rawalpindi police did not take kindly to the impersonation and made the arrest on Sundays. They presented themselves as officers of Adiala Jail. The pictures and videos were uploaded on TikTok. The police themselves registered the case. As evidence, they confiscated the uniforms, the laptops, and phones, basically anything that was remotely linked to that particular video.

The Rawalpindi police

Rai Mazhar Iqbal, SP Rawalpindi, said that SHO city and DSP City led the team to make the arrest. They said that the suspects would be fined and punished.

It reminds one of another Tiktok star who was arrested for reckless driving. The star was making a video for his account that had more than one million followers. The matter was brought to authorities’ attention, and Punjab Highway Patrol Police made the arrest. The star, Daniyal Haider, was speeding near Choa Saidan Shah.

In another instance, a Tiktoker was arrested for torturing his brother and pushing him into the canal, just for the sake of getting more views. One should mention that the brother being tortured was mentally challenged. These instances should be enough to convey that to gain more views; people let go of all the bars.

So when a Tiktoker couple makes a video for an evident crime (impersonating the police), it’s not really unthinkable of an act. They were arrested from the Ganj Mandi area.

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