This Young Pakistani Makeup Artist Has Left Everyone Stunned
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When given the right tools, an artist needs no boundaries, and the amount of effort they put into their work shows the magnitude of their talent through their hands. A similar artist caught our attention whose work has been vowing the audience for quite some time now. She is a Karachi based, self-taught makeup artist who has been creating unique looks for her digital platform.

Mishal Rajput 

If you want to get teleported to another world, looking at her profile will take you to one. The amount of effort and her expertise shows the talent her brain harbours. Moreover, the looks she creates are so effortless that you might mistake them for a filter. Yet, it’s the constant dedication and her skills that make her artwork stand out.

Mishal has been channelling her talent with different themes and ideas she follows. She is a budding artist, but the amount of delicacy in her work shows otherwise.

Mashal Rajput’s Work 

Let’s take a look at some of her work.

It might seem like she had painted her face blue and orange, but her portrayal of the two earthy elements perfectly shows the emotions portrayed in both of them. And even though it’s a single face painted in both of them, it looks like two entirely different people.

Why tell your zodiac sign when you can show it in your art. This intricate piece of work is bound to wow you, and that bull must have a fan base of its own. The fine brush strokes and the perfect outlines make it look like she has printed the bull on her body.

We are instantly transported to zen mode with this one.

The perfect look for your next Halloween party.

It is hard to select a single favourite piece. However, this one caught our eyes the most. The look was planned and executed by the artist herself without any source of inspiration. Yet, the delicacy of her work makes it difficult to differentiate it from a filter.

This one takes the award for being the most extensive piece of work created by her and shows the immeasurable amount of talent she holds. We are excited to see what she has in store for the future.

Isn’t she amazing?

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