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Image Source: Brandsynario

Call us biased but we’d say Pakistan is a country of wonders. The landscapes, be it urban or natural, that you find in this country are equally remarkable as any other. This account on Twitter is levying out proof of that!

Moments and Memories on Twitter

An account on Twitter with the handle of @momentmemori has a beautiful idea which they’re executing. The idea is to put pictures of landscapes in Pakistan next to those found in foreign countries. The best part is that their selection and eye is such that you can not tell the difference in both. Prepare for sights for sore eyes!

Urban Landscapes

One example in their series is that of Washington DC and Islamabad. Both are capitals of their respective countries, highly esteemed and greatly taken care of. This side by side projection of Islamabad and Washington DC on this Twitter account has left many shocked. It never looked this similar before!

Natural Landscapes

This one should surely be the winner. Peruse this side by side display of Tobat in Kashmir and Switzerland and fall in love with the magic of Pakistan. This one is the best because you truly can not tell the pictures apart. Will Tobat be your next vacay destination then?

Emerging Cities

We have all heard the developments in Gwadar and eagerly await its official launch. The city is said to give Dubai a run for its money with its incredible ports and future-tech buildings. Here’s a look into Gwadar for you:

Subcontinental Treasures

Here’s another side by sideshow of something we call home: the subcontinent. Seeing Delhi and Lahore side by side definitely makes one fall in love with the old-age glamour of red-bricked courtyards surrounded by lush greenery. Is anyone getting Jodhaa Akbar vibes yet?

Miscellaneous Musings

The account on Twitter also features some otherwise incredible, albeit solo, pictures of places all around Pakistan. These photographs show us just how much of Pakistan remains unexplored and underestimated. Have a look!

Local Tourism

Accounts like @momentmemori must be appreciated and encouraged because of their efforts to bring attention to their own country. Upon their side by side series, many started complaining that this comparison is in vain. “Pakistan is better.” To this, they responded by saying that their purpose is to appreciate the beauty of the countries side-by-side without any toxic comparison.

Here’s to hoping these pictures will entice us to promote local tourism when the pandemic clears.

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