Pakistan is a land blessed with incredible potential and immense aptitude. It has continuously defied odds, surpassing barriers and proving to the world that it is a nation of resilient and talented people.

However, there is still a vast amount of untapped talent, hidden in the rural areas of our homeland waiting to be unleashed if provided with the resources and opportunity. Given a chance, our people can perform wonders in every field.

For those who underestimate us, the Land of Pure has budding engineers and architects!

The nation is home to millions of farmers who work relentlessly to make it amongst the top leading agricultural economies.

Our teachers work hard to ensure that holistic, quality education is made accessible to every child. Although there is a need for improvement, awareness is being created especially with regards to female literacy.

Pakistan is a nation in which 60 percent of the population is below the age of 24 years. This young generation is our future with the potential to achieve great success and move the nation forward.

Eager to learn, our children are outperforming and winning international accolades every year, making their mark not only in the classrooms but across the globe!

Not to forget, Pakistani women, even those belonging to rural areas, are walking alongside men in all spheres of life.

Our home-based entrepreneurs have a deep-rooted passion to grow and contribute to the family budget.

Many might not be aware, the nation has a silent hero ‘Baba Shams’.

The real-life superman constructed a chairlift in his neighborhood to help children go to school across the river.

A diverse and multifaceted country, Pakistan is full of promise and talent. However to help this potential expand and reach recognition a bit of encouragement  and support goes a long way.

Claiming to be the first and the biggest micro-finance powerhouse of the state, Khushhali vows to spread bliss in the lives of the underprivileged and lift our economy out of poverty. The bank supports our unsung heroes in their conquest for success through Khushhali Microfinance Bank.

Its latest TVC is bound to hit you right in the feels and will make you feel to Proud to be a Pakistani.

The two minute long commercial pays a tribute to the hardworking citizens of our motherland who are an integral part of Pakistan’s development.

With women making up 48% of the population, the ad dispels stereotypes by highlighting how empowered the female gender is in Pakistan. From driving on roads to owning entrepreneurial startups, the ladies are proving their mettle in everything they do.

The video showcases how our senior citizens are a blessing for the young ones. Like a tree provides shade to a plant, their presence continues to protect and support the new generation, enriching them with their experience.

Celebrating the beauty of our homeland, the bank’s advert also takes across some of the most picturesque destinations across Pakistan. The stunning natural beauty can be seen across all provinces. From the snow capped mountains, green valleys and waterfalls of the northern areas to the majestic desserts and blue oceans down South, one can’t help but marvel at the pristine beauty. We witness the liveliness of rural Punjab, the charm of Chitral, the magnificence of Balakot and the glory of Gawadar!

Khushhali is offering its services to all potential champions who need financial support to make their dreams come true. The banks services include loans, saving, insurance and also offers financial support to start ups keen to establish and expand themselves.