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Twitter exploded today with a clip from a Pakistani drama called Oye Motti. So apparently, this is a show which has a new story in every episode. Numerous actors have appeared in it to date including Hajra Yamin. The idea behind the name is to address body shaming and the concept that exists in our society where anyone over a certain weight, we classify as fat or rather ‘motti’.

The clip that got viral was a teaser of episode nine of the show. Furqan Qureshi was a part of it and he was seeing challenging his fiance on their engagement saying he will break the engagement if, within a year, she doesn’t lose almost a hundred kg. That, in itself, is humiliating to the core.

Have a look and decide what you think about this:

Twitter was full of reactions to the clip.

But we did not want to make any assumptions because this could have been taken out of context or it could totally have been the drama putting a light on body shaming.

So we decided to watch the show and see for ourselves what was going on!

We found that the episode was already out so we proceeded to watch it. This episode at least was very problematic.

In the episode, as the clip had shown, the fiance made the girl fall in love with him, and then, during the engagement, he announced the challenge.

Truly heartbroken, the girl took on the challenge and with extreme diet and exercise, within a couple of months only, reduced more than 20 kg. At this time, she did meet her fiance who had the most non-respectful behavior towards her. But she did not mind that.

For the next few months, the harmful routine continued, and then one day, she fainted in her office. It is then the fiance revealed even more problematic details. So apparently, he had seen a girl in the hospital a year ago who was there for her checkup. He overhears that she has some medical problems.

When they leave, he enters the doctor’s office and enquires about the girl. And there, the doctor readily reveals personal information about the patient. I mean, what the hell???

And it is then he decides that he loves her so he will belittle her to encourage her weight loss plan.

The lesson out of this Pakistani drama is definitely not a good one!

I mean it is understandable that the goal was a good one and that the increasing weight of the girl was actually becoming harmful to her. But are we really going to trample on someone’s self-esteem, extract personal information from her doctor, and encourage the wrong way of weight loss?

And yes, the weight loss journey should be a healthy one. If someone is losing weight at this speed, the doctor at least should not be encouraging it. And if it’s important to lose weight, lose it healthily which she was not doing. Had she been losing weight in a healthy way, she would have never fainted.

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