muslim prank
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A Muslim man was presented with the most difficult situation epitomizing the struggle between deen and dunya. Did he fail or did he pass, you’ll have to find out!

iPhone Pro Max Over Everything?

In a prank or rather an experiment by a Youtuber, a Muslim man’s faith was heavily tested. The video shows a woman roaming around with an iPhone 12 Pro Max in her hand. She sees a brown guy walking towards her and stops him, asks him whether he is a Muslim. When he responds in the affirmative, she lays out her deal to him.

Drink a little water and take the iPhone free for home. 

The Guy’s Response

The guy, it seems, as a steadfast Muslim whose response to the prank was inspiring yet also hilarious. The first question he asks the lady is, “Are you crazy?” It appears the guy was experiencing incredulity at the blatant disregard white people can have for others.

muslim prank
Image Source: Brandsynario

He even says, “You can not ask if someone is fasting and then ask them to break it.” This response is inspiring because it shows no matter how much a material thing must be desired, it is not greater than your faith. Moreover, if someone underestimates your faith this way, you do not have to be silent. Be vocal but respectfully!

It Gets Better…

However, this prank video gets even better. The YouTuber had planted a helper in the surrounding who also joins in. He is a man dressed in Arabic clothing who also says he is a Muslim. But, unlike the steadfast guy, this one is all ready and excited to break his fast for the phone.

As if in an action-packed movie full of suspense, the first guy takes the water bottle and throws it on the floor! He keeps repeating “this is Haraam brother, I know you are a good Muslim”. 

muslim prank
Image Source: Brandsynario

What Happens If One Breaks Fast?

Breaking a fast is not a small feat. If for any reason someone has to break a fast, they must do the “kafarah”. There are various guidelines set for doing a Kafarah which range from either feeding a certain number of people for the number of fasts broken or keeping a fast for a certain number of days.

This prank was harmless but it taught us a lot. A fast is a connection you have with God, nothing material should sever it.

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