pakistani student harassing
Image Source: Naya Daur

A very courageous person, a Pakistani student, decided to expose a serial harasser and people are rooting for them.

The Person Exposed

A Pakistani student by the name of Haseeb Leghari has been continuously harassing girls. The person who took to Twitter regarding this shared all the details pertaining to the harasser and his victims.

Leghari has allegedly been harassing several girls from Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental college. He has shown the same behavior with multiple girls. Once blocked, he creates a new fake ID with which he continues to emotionally abuse and harass girls.

The Horrifying Messages by Pakistani student

As you can see, all the girls he was messaging have blocked him even though he has created a different ID for each. Moreover, how troubling and disgusting are those messages? We can’t empathize enough with the girls who have been experiencing this.

What Has Been Done?

When the girls got together and lodged multiple complaints against him with the school administration, he started retaliating. Haseeb Leghari has now started threatening the girls who lodged the complaint. Moreover, he is also wrongfully accusing the teachers and abusing them.

Teachers have started receiving death threats because they tried to protect the girls from him.

Height of Blatant Misdemeanour

The screenshots posted by the Twitter user keep coming in and they are all worse than the previous ones. He is continuously telling girls “he needs them” and that he likes them and wants to marry them.

This is a third-year student at a nationally recognized institution. Clearly, he needs professional help and needs to be kept away from girls.

The State of Affairs

This is not the first time students in an educational institute have been rendered helpless and unsafe at the hands of harassers. In this case, the girls have managed to protect themselves as much as possible. Moreover, they also managed to keep the “proof”.

What if in the same scenario the girls had not kept the proof or deleted the chat? The sad truth is that majority of them would not be believed. Instances and events like this only ingrain in us the importance of believing a woman when she calls out her harasser.

Haseeb Leghari is currently still a student and he believes he can also treat faculty the way he treats other students. We’re hoping justice can be served in this case: the harasser is given the treatment he deserves. 

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