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This reporter of PNN news tried his best to explain why women must cover themselves. The result? He looked embarrassing, sounded nonsensical, and proved all the reasons why women fight against patriarchy.

The Wrapper Toffee Analogy

This reporter went on length to talk about women as toffies. Holding two toffies in his hand, he unwraps one while leaving the other covered. According to him, the unwrapped toffee is exposed to all the “bacteria, viruses” on the road while the other will remain protected.

Nobody will want to have the exposed toffee! However, the covered toffee can be had by everyone.

Women Are Just Like That

He continues on the same wavelength and asserts that this is just how women are. When a woman is covered i.e. wears fuller clothing and all, she can remain protected. She will be able to defend herself. However, when the woman wears scarce clothing, she will not be able to defend herself. She is now exposed to all the unseen dirt on the road.

That is why this reporter also believes in the Prime Minister’s statements. He believes what he said made sense and it is the law of life. Isn’t it interesting, that to showcase the premier’s statements as valid, one must reduce women to toffies?

This Is The Video

He’s Not Wrong About Everything

This reporter wasn’t wrong about everything in his analogy. One thing he got spot-on was that men are bacteria and viruses. He likened men to flies and pests that won’t leave uncovered food alone. We can grant him this.

pakistani reporter unrapped candies
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This reporting is also hilarious because he fails to acknowledge how he implicates himself in his words. Should someone ask him what type of bacteria and virus he is? Has he landed on any uncovered food or is he a robot?

No Standard of Journalism

The unfortunate truth is that his virality might get him a promotion at PNN. His seniors, probably and most definitely all men will be very proud to hear his remarks. Most men, fathers, and religious clerics will agree with his logic.

pakistani reporter unrapped candies
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It is because of such incidents that we witness a decline in the standard of journalism in Pakistan. Said views are an example of personal bias and opinions being asserted on national television which is never invited. There should be proper training and tests of reporters and broadcasters before they join their positions.

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