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The bond between a Nana and a Nawasi (grand-father and grand-daughter) is unmatched. They’re your dads who spoil you unlimitedly, have pearls of wisdom to share, and whose protection is ever-present.

Meet this nana going viral for all the right reasons!

On Baby Duty

A woman from Quaid e Azam university shared a tweet that had everyone saying “aw.” It featured an older man sitting under a tree’s shade with a baby in a cot lying next to him. Naturally, she asked him, “what are you doing sitting here?”

To which he responded by saying that this baby is her grand-daughter. His daughter is pursuing her Ph.D. and is here for work, so he’s on baby duty with the little one. So he’s not just the backbone of support for his daughter, but also a protective force for his grand-daughter!

See the heartwarming picture and exchange it here for yourself!

Twitter Reacts

The Twitter community had nothing but love for this nana and nawasi. The nana who went viral received an outpouring of love from people across the world.

 Pursuing Education Relentlessly

Many women are pursuing education relentlessly day in and day out. An undergrad student once walked into a class flustered and over-whelmed with her toddler in our own personal experience. She had meant to leave him with a friend for the class’s duration, but the baby was too fussy.

The instructor, however, was one of the best kinds. He offered to take care of the toddler while the student gave her an exam! It was a heartwarming example that restored people’s faith in their community.

Like that, many other women pursue their goals despite having cranky, demanding, and fussy babies at homes. For them, the work neither ends at home nor home. It’s because of supportive family members like this nana who make it easier.

A Nana’s Love

After reading about this nana who went viral, we couldn’t help but think of all the times our nanas have spoiled us. Whether it’s buying candies, your mom forbade you to eat, or it’s taking you to parks for walks, they really do it all.

Here’s to the fathers who run the show quietly!

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