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A Pakistani man’s jump has gone viral on Twitter, and it is one to be looking out for! 

Jump For Days

The man’s jump is nothing short of shocking. He had 11 motorcycles lined up, all of which he passed in the air as he jumped over then. It’s as Olympics-esque as it gets, and his talent must be applauded. The Olympics has four jumping categories in which men and women can participate. 

Long jump
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They include the high jump, long jump, triple jump, and pole vault, and we have a feeling our very own can contest easily in the long jump.

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The Netizens’ Reactions

Netizens are suckers for talent, and this guy served it cold. See some of the best reactions the spectacular jump received.

Talents That Go Unseen

Jokes aside, this guy seriously possesses a skill and talent that can be honed. No one can jump over 11 motorcycles one day after exercising or stretching. Moreover, no one also decides to practice to this extent if they’re not genuinely passionate about it.

long jump
Image Source: Brittanica

However, what can he do? Is there are any Olympic training center here that would help him? And even if there were, critics would have an issue with the category! Just a jump? Ye koi talent hota hai?

Regardless, while the man is still un-named, we have a feeling he will enjoy more fame. The video already viral on Twitter is also seeping into the Facebook community. Of course, people are amazed, shocked, surprised… You name it!

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