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Pakistani guy takes to Twitter asking why women can’t repeat the same outfits, and Twitter is having a field day with it.

Every once in a while, Twitter sees a tweet that goes viral. The discussions on it are sometimes funny and sometimes thought-provoking. Yesterday, on October 20, another viral tweet sparked debate, and girls find it very relatable.

The conversation starter tweet

So this Pakistani guy tweets, possibly with the idea of taunt, that, ‘when are you (girls) going to normalize wearing the same dress on two separate occasions?’

He wanted to say that girls have too many dresses, possibly. And not to forget the existing stereotype that girls obsess over their wardrobe too much. But it took a completely different turn because, contrary to what men believe, women are more disturbed by this practice than men are.

So the responses started flooding in, and while they are hilarious, they are also very much on point. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

1. You never argue with the doctors!

Doctors will be doctors all the time. Treating whatever they can get their hands on, even if it is a questionable mindset. BonjourHareem does the same. She said that doctors have to wear scrubs every day, so it’s the same dress, even the same color, all day, every day.

2. The one who goes the extra mile

While the professional requirement of the doctors make them wear the same dress every day, one may say there is no excuse for repeating outfits for functions. Amna_Amzy declared that repeating outfits is already routine. Her evidence was wearing the same suit on five different functions!!! FIVE!!! Where was the dress police, girl?

3. Because, why not?

@itsmebrowny had a valid point, though. She said, and we agree that she can very well repeat the outfit because she paid for it, and she owns a washing machine so she can wash it and wear it all over again.

4. A very apt response, I must say

But this response we loved the most. ShezaAhmed13 put it the blame on the Pakistani guy and, by extension, the society. She said, ‘We can normalize it if people stop reminding us in a derogatory tone that we are repeating outfits.’

5. Ooh, savage

No words needed, right?

Normal or not, having a new dress every day or every function is just not practical. One does end up repeating. And when they do, they hear the very familiar ‘but didn’t you wear it two weeks ago?’ So if you come across a woman buying a new dress or borrowing a dress for a function, this is why. But if you are wearing the same outfits, we say, go for it! Don’t care what others say!

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