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A few days ago, a Twitter user, Saad, tweeted on the lack of educational opportunities for women in our society. He addressed the issue of parents not allowing their daughters to study further.

One of the main reasons for this is financial problems, along with cultural restrictions and lack of awareness. He provided the solution to this problem that guys should replace the other objects in dowry with a degree.

The Twitter user believes that, in this way, parents will start worrying about their daughters’ education rather than other things.

He tweeted:

This tweet gathered much praise from all social media networks. On twitter, it received more than 2 thousand likes and more than 500 retweets. The question is: is this tweet really praise-worthy or just insensitive and ignorant of the deeper problem?

The deeper problem of dowry

As I mentioned above, our society has many cultural practices that suppress women. Dowry is one of them. It should be noted that the practice of dowry has no religious significance in Islam. Dowry traces its roots back to Hinduism. It is practiced extensively in our culture because of the shared Hindu heritage.

Dowry is the cause of many problems, but it is assimilated in our culture in such a way that the rich and poor all follow it. Despite financial issues, parents still try their best to make their daughter’s dowry.

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People’s reaction

In reply to the tweet, people came up with, both, funny and thought-provoking replies.

Like this person presented a solution for population control and domestic violence:

This tweep had different views on eliminating the practice of dowry:

Another Twitter user presented the cause of the problem:

In addition to this, there is a large number of girls in our society who have degrees but don’t work. It is because their husband and in-laws don’t allow them to. Thus, the whole “doctor bahu” concept came into being.

The problem is that our society rarely acknowledges women’s choices. On the one hand, it forces those women who want to work to stay at home in many cases. On the other hand, it forces those women who want to be homemakers to work.

Saad later clarified his tweet was pure satire

Furthermore, Saad later tweeted that it was satire. His tweet addressed the already existing problems in society.

He tweeted:

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