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Pakistani stars have been making headlines in e-sports since Arslan Ash first took the scene in Tekken. Players like Atif Butt recently even won the CEO 2024 Tekken tournament and made Pakistan proud again. But recently, the world of e-sports has been witnessing another rising star from Pakistan, and his name is Abdul Rehman Atif, better known by his gamer alias – CRMZ. This 22-year-old, born in Sialkot and currently residing in Qatar, has taken the Call of Duty: Warzone scene by storm, securing top positions in tournaments and etching his name in Pakistani gaming history. Atif’s journey began at a young age, with his passion for gaming igniting at just 11 years old. Years of dedication and honing his skills have culminated in this remarkable achievement. But what exactly has CRMZ done to make headlines?

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Dominating The Call Of Duty Warzone Battlefield

Call of Duty: Warzone, a free-to-play battle royale phenomenon, has captivated gamers worldwide. This year, the competition in the EU, EMEA, and NA regions heated up with a staggering 3,000 teams vying for glory. However, only the elite 12 managed to qualify for the finals. And guess who was among them? You guessed it – CRMZ and his team!

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Their impressive performance placed them in the prestigious top three, showcasing their exceptional teamwork. This accomplishment not only solidified CRMZ’s reputation as a formidable gamer but also brought immense pride to the Pakistani e-sports community.

Stepping Stone Towards International Glory!

The top three finish wasn’t the end of the road for CRMZ. This victory served as a stepping stone to even bigger challenges. Atif has now secured an invitation to participate in the World Series of Warzone (WSOW) 2024, the premier Call of Duty: Warzone competition!

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WSOW 2024 promises to be an electrifying event, featuring an expanded format with more matches and an intense Global Final showdown. The stakes are high, with a coveted $1 million prize pool waiting for the champions. But more importantly, it’s a chance for CRMZ to represent Pakistan on a global stage and prove his mettle against the best Warzone players in the world. Atif becomes the first-ever Pakistani to be invited to this prestigious tournament, making him a true pioneer for Pakistani e-sports.

Beyond Call Of Duty Warzone

The accolades don’t stop with WSOW. Atif has also received an invitation to compete in the Saudi E-sports World Cup, another major event in the ever-growing e-sports calendar. This tournament series, building upon the legacy of Gamers8, is set to attract top-tier international talent. CRMZ‘s participation in both WSOW and the Saudi Esports World Cup is a testament to his skills. It shines a light on the dedication and talent of Pakistani gamers who are making their mark on the global scene.

The Future Of Pakistani E-sports

Atif’s story is an inspiration to aspiring gamers in Pakistan. It demonstrates the power of passion, hard work, and the potential for Pakistani talent to compete on a global stage. His success is likely to pave the way for more Pakistani gamers to enter the competitive esports landscape.

We can expect to see more Pakistani teams and individual players like CRMZ making waves in the international scene. Join us in wishing him the very best as he continues to make history and make Pakistan proud!

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