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Photoshop is the key to good pictures. Well, most of the time! Photoshop has existed for as long as we can remember, and the dilemma of getting a good airbrushed picture has blessed us with filters and editing tools. Goodbye, pesky pimples! However, photoshop is not just limited to daily use. Models and fashion magazines also use this tool to hide the things they do not want on the covers.

But is there a downside to having this sort of technology right in our own hands? Not sure about the downside, but there is a hilarious side to it. You must have come across hilarious photoshop fails, which would’ve either make you cringe or make you laugh out loud. Well, we have something similar for you today! Wink.

‘Nara’ The Never-Ending Saga 

A hilarious case of photoshop that will make you both cringe and laugh simultaneously came across on Facebook. People are fearless when it comes to posting stuff on social media. However, someone posted a picture of himself on social media and asked people to “Hide” his Nara. While we are not sure if he got the desired result he wanted, but some of the edits are downside hilarious. Take a look.

This Pakistani Guy Asked People To Hide His 'Nara' & It Is Hilarious Hide
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A pen tool on editing apps is not just for doodling or writing. It can be used to hide the Nara.

This Pakistani Guy Asked People To Hide His 'Nara' & It Is Hilarious Hide
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Are you going on a fishing trip? Do not worry about buying a fishing rod because your Nara would come in handy.

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We are not going to comment on this one because of “body shaming”!

We appreciate the editor being so straightforward.

Check out the complete thread below.

Have you come across such hilarious photoshop fails? Which one is your favorite from this thread? Let us know in the comments section below.

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