3 wives
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This Pakistani girl on Twitter made a controversial statement that men endorse, and women loathe. Chances are, you have heard it a thousand times now.

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Women With Big Hearts”

Now, under the said woman’s post who has so bravely decided to challenge this notion, are men who have fallen in love with her. By telling her husband can have three wives, she’s disturbed the debate as old as time.

3 wives
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“He will be so lucky,” they say about her future husband, “No,” said the women. If she was looking for husbands before, now she does not need to given the influx of men in the comments below.

Let this be known that any woman who allows is not better than any woman who does not qualify.

The Invention Of Comedy By Husbands

This is as misogynistic as it gets in Pakistani society, unfortunately. Picture this; a married couple is at some family function where the husband jokes about three wives. His other friends will laugh as if comedy was just invented while the wife will feel that tightness in her chest at being humiliated. 

3 wives
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Not just that, often some exceptional fathers also joke about “new mamas” with their children in front of their wives. Because for men in our society, marriage is just that, a marriage. It’s not a relationship with a sanctity that you are in; it is a formality.

Oh, and don’t forget that sword on your head as a woman, “Islam allows 4 marriages”.

Islam Does Now Allow You What You Want It To

Men will use the argument of Islam to back their claims when it suits them the most. They will fight for their right to marry four times and to have four wives. However, how dare a woman fight for the rights Islam has given her? Or you can bet your entire bank worth that they won’t know what Islam asks of them about their wives, nope! 

3 wives
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Four wives are the ‘takya kalam’ of the men in our society. We are no scholars of Islam, but anyone who has even the least bit of knowledge will know that religion sets strict conditions to do that and with whom you do that. Having an affair and doing a second marriage in the name of Islam is not acceptable.

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