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There are many cultures and traditions throughout the world. Whether we are looking towards the east side or the west one, each country is unique to their culture. Even if we look at wedding traditions, they differ with countries. Now, it seems that a wedding gift has just been given to a bride, that has turned a lot of heads.

There are often many weddings gifts given that bring about a lot of praise. They stand as a gesture of tranquility and an everlasting relationship.

Gift given to bride
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Wedding Gifts:

Weddings are considered as one of the best days in a person’s life. You may find one often daydreaming about this day or planning it. They are events of joy and there is hardly anything that can ruin a wedding day. Of course, there can always be unpleasant exceptions but that doesn’t represent the general definition. So, where there are weddings, there are gifts!

Gifts can he exchanged between guests and the bride or guests and the groom. They are given as a token of appreciation or a gesture of well wishing. It is not necessary to give one but it is often given as a sign of good luck. After all, the couple of moving forward into a new chapter of their lives and it can be a trying journey. Similarly, gifts can be exchanged between the bride and her family too.

Unusual wedding gift
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Wedding gift a gun
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A Most Unusual Gift:

Now it seems that the brother of the bride has given a most unusual gift to a bride. A recent instagram post has come out on ‘Hamza bin Qasim photography’. The page is dedicated to photography and the wedding took place between Ammara and her brother. He is holding the gift out to her. From the picture, it is quite clearly a pistol! Yes, the gift is a gun!

From the picture of the gun and its square shaped barrel, it seems to be a glock. Speaking about the gun, it is quite an efficient weapon with a good fire rate. While this gift surely is unusual, one cannot call it a bad one. The internet has had a lot to say about this wedding gift, however. As you have already seen above, let us take a look at some more reactions.

Bride got wedding gift
Instagram post on wedding gift
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Wedding and bride gift from brother
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Promotion Of Uniqueness:

While it is definitely unusual, we must remember that it is their decision. If they think it an appropriate gift to give, then we shouldn’t roast or insult them in any manner.

We wish the happy couple all the best in their future endeavours and all that they may have to face together!

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