This Old Man’s ‘Taraweeh’ Story Will Restore Your Faith In Love

taraweeh love story
Image Source: Quran Reading

Someone on Twitter shared a precious exchange they had with an aged man and the story blew up. Keep reading to restore your faith that love is indeed not yet dead.

A Taraweeh Love Story

The person on Twitter definitely knows how to tell a story. Opening with a quote as profound and moving as that one had us hooked from the start. While sitting for Taraweeh, this guy noticed how an uncle besides him had brought two bottles along with him.

There was plain water and a bottle with Rooh Afza. What may seem like a normal preparation for choice turned out to be the basis of a love story of a lifetime.

What Was Peculiar About the Bottles?

Naturally, someone would assume the Rooh Afza is for when blood sugar levels decline or when one just needs a boost of energy. However, this aged man only drank from the plain water and kept the other bottle intact. This prompted our storyteller to speak to him after Taraweeh:

Reading Taraweeh Together

Turns out, the Rooh Afza was the uncle’s wife’s (now departed) choice of drink. She passed away two years ago until which they used to read Taraweeh together. This would have been their 26th Taraweeh round as the “Taya ji” noted. Now he comes alone and also reads her share of Taraweeh.

However, what has left us emotional is how he is still in service to her. He, not only still makes the Rooh Afza bottle out of love for her memory but also trying to get more sawab to her. He, himself, says that he makes it to give to whoever is thirsty, so that his wife may be credited. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is!

This Story Has A Moral

The moral of the story is firstly to be kind to strangers. Lend a helping hand or a listening ear, we don’t know what baggage people are carrying with them. This man carries the loss of his wife on his shoulders each time he comes to Taraweeh, maybe this exchange lightened his heart a little.

The other lesson is to love our loved ones as strongly as we can. We may never know which moments with them may be our last. This is also something the pandemic has made us see the value of. Go out there and hug your parents, siblings, grandparents today!

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