This New Digital Film By Lipton Brings A Beautiful Message Of Hope In These Difficult Times!

With the current air of uncertainty around the globe, even the smallest measures taken to give out hope to the people, matters the most. As brands and organizations around the world are putting their best foot forward by making donations and helping those in need, keeping the hope and positivity alive for all those who are staying at home and going through a tough time is also essential.

After the last TVC with the motto “Jaago unkay liye jou waqai ehem hain”, Lipton is once again making waves on the internet with the latest digital film “Jagao Umeed Saath Reh Ker.” Lipton encourages people to enjoy the present by building up the lost connections and rejoicing the small moments, by spending quality time with your loved ones.

Check it out!

Staying connected is equally as important as staying home for the sake of everyone you love. Instead of losing hope and being lost in times like these, Lipton encourages to remain positive and to give out hope and bond with each other because there’s no better time like the present. It is our chance to comfort each other and enjoy the raw moments of life before going back to the fast world that we are a part of.

Most of the video has been shot by entertainers and influencers, which features small but sweet happy moments with their loved ones, and how they have been staying connected in difficult times like these. The digital film reminds us of the importance of togetherness in the current atmosphere. With the gloominess on streets around the globe, we can still make our home heaven to live in; with consistent efforts of living life to the best for yourself, and those around you.