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Mayun, Mehendi, think about any pre-wedding event and the visual that first comes to your mind is the bride surrounded by a number of girls. This visual comes from a myth embedded in our brains; a mayun bride should not be left alone or she would become a jinn-prey.

Mayun bride myth

In the time where we denounce supernatural events and support science, we take this myth as a joke. Plus, when we do not get to see many such instances, it strengthens the explanation. However, in a recent event, we came across a story where the mayun bride shared what happened to her when she was left alone, unattended.

Spooky story

This bride tells the story of before her wedding. So for her mayun as well, the house was full of people. Tired, she went to her room to catch some sleep. Alone in the room, she laid down on her bed and was about to dose off when she heard slow breathing from the foot of her bed. At first, she thought it was her mother who wanted to remind her about something related to a shadi event but then she remembered that the door was locked.

horror stories

Spooked, she wanted to open her eyes to see what is what but was just not able to. After that, she felt that the strange breathing was getting closer. Right then, she felt a heaviness in her heart.

What she did!

At this point, she was freaking out. She started reciting all the verses she knew.

At that moment, she felt the weight lifting. From the corner of her eye, she saw a man dressed in all whites but no legs. His eyes were red. That was all the detail about his facial features that she could recall. He seemed angry at the girl. But now, she was reciting it in full volume. He started backing away and faded into the wall.

She just ran out of her room and towards her mom. The mother made sure from then on that she was always accompanied by someone until her wedding.

So tell us, do you believe in this myth? Do you have similar opinions about it? Or do you have spooky stories to share about a wedding? We are all ears.

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