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Expression of love is when you pay attention to the other person. It is when you know their unfulfilled wants, and try to bring them to fruition. This man just did it for his girlfriend in the most cutest way. He threw his girlfriend a batman-themed birthday party; one she had fantasized about since she was a little girl.

The birthday girl(friend)

The girlfriend with the Twitter Handle SparkyMularkey took to social media the happenings of the day. She shared that as a kid, she loved Batman. It was because of that that she wanted a batman-themed party. But she was never allowed due to the gender stereotypes. This was the 90s. Fast forward two decades, she finally got her wish when she wasn’t even expecting it.

She mentions how as a little kid she would actively crave for her birthday, asking for a specific theme, but as a thirty-two-year-old adult, happy moments like these had slipped from her mind. The woman had, in fact, forgotten her own birthday amidst work and life issues. She got all emotional when she found a surprise birthday with vintage batman decor and all her friends wishing her birthday.

Details of the Batman birthday

In a detailed thread that continued after her initial tweet, she explained what the party further contained. Sparky was already overjoyed at the surprise but then she was told to go downstairs where a whole birthday party carnival was organized for her.

While you could enjoy the carnival, there was also a scavenger hunt. Talk about elaborate detailing. The man surely loves his girlfriend. Why else would one go to this extent?

“After that (the hunt), we played a game of charades where we drew keys to Arkham Asylum out of a bowl and had to act out Batman’s rogues’ gallery.”

The man went above and beyond to ensure the girlfriend got what she had dreamed of as a kid. There, for me, is no greater definition of modern love.

We wish you two all the very best because if someone is willing to invest themselves in your dreams at this level, they are your McDreamy!

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