web series by lemon max
Image Source: Youtube

One of the COVID-19 induced lockdown’s effects has been the increased social media presence. On that social media, you can now find a local web series by Lemon Max. This web series is a comedy, bringing light to the comic side effects families have experienced.

The mini web series released a trailer first of all. And then, within two days, the band has released three episodes of the series. With the name being ‘Lockdown ke Side Effects,’ each episode approaches one of those effects with light humor.

Cast members include Zain Afzal, Rabya Kulsoom, and Alyaan.

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The side effects it has logged for now in its three episodes are:

1. The family getting close to each other

Titled ‘Qareeb Aao Na,’ this episode talks about the little things that bring the family closer. These things can be as simple as eating together on one table and talking about whatever they want. It could be the grandfather sharing stories, the parents fun-teasing each other, or kid’s childish jokes.


2. Work from home can be difficult

This episode highlights the struggles of ‘Work from home.’ Generally, work from home is worse for women since they have to be actively involved in the house chores, being responsible for the child, alongside getting the job done, which somehow extends far beyond 5 pm. But the good thing about this ad is that it does not enforces gender norms and shows that the husband also takes part in cooking.


3. Keeping a positive mindset

Alongside an effect, Lemon Max also gave a message to its viewers. The message was, ‘we need to keep a positive mindset even if things get tougher.’ And if we do just that, we will be able to get through this lockdown like its not a big deal.


It will be interesting to see what other effects the web series by Lemon Max discusses, but the chemistry between the actors is undoubtedly fantastic.

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