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A clip from a show went viral recently. It referenced a Bollywood movie. The contestant of the show was Shehnaz Gill. She was pissed off at another contestant and said, ‘Sada Kutta Kutta, Tuhada Kutta Tommy.’ It translates to my dog, just a dog, your dog, Tommy.


1. Corona meme

Because a meme without a corona reference is incomplete.

Twadi Khansi, Khansi Saddi Khansi – Corona.

2. Meme-ing phuppos

Phuppos are nice…as long as you are blindfolded.

Twadi Phoopo Phoopo Ty Sadi Phoopo Fasadin

3. Troll memes

Don’t we just love saying that? ‘Bare log.’

Twadda busy busy Sadda busy baade log

4. Ayeza’s success secret

This could totally be a jab at Ayeza Khan, no?

Twaadi beauty beauty Saadi beauty faiza beauty cream.

And some more:

Shots fired!

Cousin marriage is a hot topic among memers since always. Since it’s a significant thing in Pakistan, how could the ‘tuhada’ meme go without involving it?

Ok, don’t make fun of food. It isn’t funny, ever!

This one makes sense if you are involved in desi family politics. Because if you bite your tongue, it’s common knowledge that your Chachi ki Behen did some taveez, no?

This is not to offend anyone. All the memes were collected on a light note. If you have a meme to add funnier than our collection, let us know in the comments.

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