iPhone fell from plane and survived
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Apple iPhones are known to survive quite a lot of drop tests when they are thrown from high places. Even if they hit the ground with force, many people are expecting it to turn on and keep running. A while back, an iPhone was discovered at the bottom of a lake after being submerged for six months! However, after drying it out and testing it, the phone managed to turn on. It almost feels like Nokia has been replaced by Apple in terms of smartphone durability.

In recent news, it seems that an iPhone fell from a plane! Yes, the door plug on the plane blew out and the iPhone was lost to the wind. It fell more than 16,000 feet and landed within a grasslands region. Upon being found by a local, it was functioning perfectly, with the airplane mode turned on and half battery remaining. This sounds like quite an achievement for the company in terms of durability, on a whole other level!

iPhone surviving a big fall from a high place
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The Logic Behind iPhone Survival

Of course, when we talk about how exactly did the phone survive, we must turn to the laws of Physics. When the iPhone was falling from that height, eventually it reached a point when it attained terminal velocity. This means that it can’t accelerate any faster due to the effect of air resistance. Thus, its possible for a phone to survive in such a condition.

We can assume that the iPhone landed in either a patch of soft grass or on damp ground. In such a case, we can say that the phone had more than an inch of cushion, letting it land in a more safer way than it would have on concrete. When the phone was found, there were barely any scratches on it and it was working without a hitch.

people dropping phone from a plane at 16k feet
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Apple Setting Standards

This event certainly sets the standards of the company quite high, as their phone survived a 16,000 feet drop. We don’t think any other phone has managed to survive what this iPhone has. Other companies will have to step up their game in terms of durability if they intend to compete well. We can surely see some brands deliberately dropping their phones from planes to see if they survive, as a way to counter the competition.

That said, we would certainly not recommend you to try this out with your iPhone.

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