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Chicken nuggets are the simplest, safest, and most affordable dishes that you can crave. Your kids also love it. But could you ever imagine becoming extremely rich through chicken nuggets? Oh, wait, chicken nugget. Yes, only one nugget can make you rich.

Or at least, this one did.

But how?

Well, what happened was that the chicken nugget had the shape of a popular videogame character. The person in possession put it up on eBay, the website where anyone can sell whatever they want. The product was officially sold for around $100,000.

chicken nugget
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What character could possibly make the price this high though?

It is not completely unimaginable. If you meet die-hard fans of anything, you will see for yourself their love for that particular product. Now, they could be comic fans, kdrama fans, or Marvel fans. If you show them their fandom-related toys, they would get extremely excited and will be able to do anything to acquire the products. In fact, you don’t even need to go that far. Have you forgotten how some people actually sold their kidneys to buy iPhones?

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Hence, it is clear that the buyer was an Among Us fan. That said, one can also speculate that the seller is also an Among Us fan for a normal person will not be able to realize the importance of the nugget.

Let’s talk about Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer video game. It got extremely popular during the pandemic-induced lockdown. Imagine that at one point it gathered almost 500 million monthly users.


On eBay, 184 bids were placed for the product. The seller by the handle polizna first uploaded it for a price of $0.99. For two days there was no response and then the first bid it got was $14,969. Following that, chaos ensued. Last Thursday, the bidding ended at $99,997

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