brave rickshaw driver
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Sometimes there are unsung heroes in our life whose help is a favour so great, you can never return it. One of them is Zafar Lala, a rickshaw driver who protected two of his female passengers.

The Outcome of Bravery In Our World

Zafar Lala worked as a rickshaw driver in Saddar Peshawar. On a day that seemed regular, he got two female customers whom he agreed to take on. Unfortunately, those two women started being chased by a couple of men.

Zafar thought it his duty to go and resist the men. Resist he did but the outcome was that he returned with acid thrown on his face. The merciless men who were chasing Zafar Lala’s passengers threw acid on his face when he tried to stand up against them, he lost both his eyes.

Humanity Is Not Dead

A kind soul on Twitter set himself on a journey to help the brave rickshaw driver. Zafar was immediately admitted to Prime Teaching Hospital where he was awaiting his eye surgery. 

Amir Hamza Khan, who was collecting donations for Lala, kept urging people to donate as much as possible for this kind soul. Lala has two daughters, aged 8 and 12 and his wife has also passed away. He now seeks monthly help since he is without vision.

Clearly, humanity is not dead because from the updates on Twitter, the donations crossed the 200K mark! An anonymous person has also agreed on the monthly expenditure.

A One of A Kind Soul

Zafar Lala, the brave rickshaw driver, is truly a one of a kind person. Even with acid thrown on his face he had a smile and he was hopeful that one day he will regain his vision. See these videos of him with his doctor, they’ll make your day.

 A Dead-end Road

Countless women are harassed and followed every time they board a public transport or even when they are driving alone. Refresh your memories and think of Dua Mangi. She was walking with her male friend on one of the busiest streets of Karachi when she was abducted. When her friend tried to resist and protect her, he was shot in his neck.

There’s no relief either for the women who become targets and also for the men who are better than the rest. 

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