banana ketchup combo
Image Source: Twitter

If you thought you knew what the worst food combination in the world is, you have got another thing coming.

The Internet Is A Dark Place

We have always heard that the internet is a dark place. However, we only realised it today when we saw this post. Have a look, we won’t say a thing:

 If you were fasting and saw this, consider this a gift. This will make you run far away from food and eating and you will have a great, easy roza!

What In The World?

Jokes aside, what could ever prompt someone or inspire someone to do that? Ketchup and bananas are not worlds, they are galaxies apart! This is a plain disrespect to both! True, tomatoes maybe fruits and ketchup is then also something made out of fruits but that does not deserve to be entertained.

banana ketchup combo
Image Source: Reddit

If anyone had this for breakfast, they would either throw up or not have any meal after!

The Unhealthy v. Healthy Ratio

Even besides the revolting-ness attached to this food combo, it should also be rejected because of what it does to both foods. Did you know that bananas may be considered a mood enhancer? It is because it contains the amino acid, tryptophan and Vitamin B6 that helps the body produce serotonin.

banana ketchup combo
Image Source: Insider

Moreover, bananas’ nutritional value is known to all. Pairing it with something as unhealthy as ketchup is plain wrong. Ketchup is unhealthy because it is laced with preservatives and chemicals!

The People’s Reaction

People on Twitter came at the person behind the tweet and their dish in the right way. There was an attack and this one was a well-deserved and well-targeted attack.

All The Amazing Alternatives

Although we trust that you will never commit the sin of making this dish if you’re ever stocked with bananas/ketchup and don’t know what to eat, here is a guide.

banana ketchup combo
Image Source:The Healthy Mommy

Use bananas with crepes or waffles and even pancakes! They are perfect when caramelized in a pan with a little cream, sugar, brown sugar and honey. Irresistible. Make a banana shake and have it with a slice of Nutella on toast— it’s the best power snack.

banana ketchup combo
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You know the low-down on ketchup pairings thus far. It is best enjoyed with carb-y, oily, and amazing fried things like fried chicken, fries, nuggets, chicken poppers, etc. Ketchup is also an excellent flavour enhancer in sandwiches/wraps!

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