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Pakistanis and their love for mountains is a never-ending affair. A new feat has been achieved today and we couldn’t be prouder! A youngster has made a record as the youngest Pakistani.

The Youngest Pakistani on Mount Everest

A young man, Shehroze Kashif, has recently claimed the title of being the youngest Pakistani to summit Mount Everest. Kashif is only 19 years old which makes his victory an even greater achievement.

Kashif’s Journey

Shehroze Kashif’s Instagram has been keeping people up to date on his journey atop Mount Everest. Each mission of summiting a mountain consists of a proper routine whereby the mountaineer stops at several camps strategically. 

It is also reported that Kashif reached camp 3, the stop before the final summit, without oxygen! Only 1 day later the same account reported that Shehroze Kashif has summitted none other than the terrifying Mount Everest. His time of summit is noted as 5:02 AM Pakistani time which is equally fascinating and scary.

Imagine being at the peak of the highest mountain above sea level right when the sun is breaking out, we are sure there is no sight better than that. Kudos to Shehroze Kashif for following his dreams despite all odds!

Summit with Kashif

Kashif’s Instagram account is handled by the Karakoram club. They received texts and messages from Shehroze Kashif on his journey which they shared with his fans and the world at large. The most interesting thing we came across is the possibility to have trekked to the top with Kashif!

He shared the tracker pin which was shared on his Instagram through which people could summit along. Surely you’ll never find us on any Mount Everest camp but if in the new day and age this is how one can summit too, call us mountaineers!

Mountaineering in Pakistan

Recently the death of Ali Sadpara and his teammates made the entire nation grieve. They loved the mountains dearly and in the mountains did they find their final resting place. His untimely death while summiting the Nanga Parbat invites attention to many challenges faced by mountaineers in Pakistan.

Firstly, there is obviously an extreme shortage of funds. Ali Sadpara was reported to fund many trips by himself or go as a guide along to earn money. Moreover, we still lack the availability of proper equipment needed. Whether Shehroze Kashif had to reach C3 without O2 due to this reason is still unclear but it is a possibility nonetheless.

Here’s to Shehroze Kashif for fulfilling his dreams and taking Pakistan to the peak of the highest mountain.

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