There are tons of articles out there on what you should do on Valentine’s Day. Some include creative date ideas for the couples, other discuss the fun options for the single folks.

A few would discuss some inventive recipes to whip up or DIY gifts to try and ace but no one really speaks about the things you should NOT do on Valentine’s Day.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the list that we’ve put together. A list of 10 things not to do on Valentine’s Day, for everyone’s sake!

1. Send yourself an ’anonymous’ Valentine’s card and flowers. 

I don’t get it. What’s the point? There’s no need to feel sad about your single life. You’re riding solo and that’s better than being in a terrible relationship!

2. Quit whining about being single 

You, my friend, need to take a breath. Yes, you’re single but is that so bad? Think again.

3.  Watch The Notebook

We are all aware that The Notebook is easily one of the most romantic, tear-jerking movies to ever grace the silver screen but let’s get real girls –  no boy is ever going to write you 365 letters, let alone text you back within an hour. Just giving you a reality check.

4. Eat one dozen chocolates in one sitting.

Not going to lie to you, dear reader, and say that this feeling isn’t mutual. However, here I sit, with a metabolism that is equal to the pace of a slug. Let me tell you that eating a dozen chocolates on any given day will have disastrous results and you know what they say right? You eat what you are.


Cry from laughter, of happiness, of surprise or of joy but please just don’t cry.

6. Admit that this fake ’lovers’ day’ exists.

Valentine’s Day was probably created by Hallmark in an effort to garner more revenue during a particularly difficult fiscal year. You don’t need V-Day to celebrate your love.

7. Question that love is out there.

Love is about finding someone who takes that urge that you’ve held onto all this time, and takes it into their hands and transforms that longing and anticipation into exactly that for which you’ve been waiting. So, don’t lose hope, there’s someone for everyone.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!!