pakistan day parade
Image Source: Brandsynario

Pakistan Day Parade is something all Pakistanis excitedly look forward to annually. Here are this year’s highlights that are making us proud. 

Netizens Show Their Love

Netizens took to Twitter to express their love and gratitude for the parade and their country. Some of the pictures highlight the female military staff that was dressed in their uniform and marching.

These pictures are so powerful as we see women proudly wearing their uniform, in command and in service for their country. The rows and rows of women genuinely makes one feel hopeful and proud of their country!

Aerial Views

The aerial view pictures are also a sight for sore eyes. Seeing hundreds of men and women of Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Army and the Navy stand together with discipline and determination gives one goosebumps! 


The conflict between Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs is a tale as old as time. However, this highlight from the Pakistan Day Parade has shown us that we have many members from other communities as part of our forces. General Pawan Singh was seen as representing the Pakistan Army and we’re rooting for him!

President Alvi

President Alvi is rarely seen on screen which is why when he is noted in places, people love his appearances. The president also graced the parade and seeing him amidst the various colours of Pakistan forces depicts an incredible picture of modern-day Pakistan.

The Coloured Airworks

Every year another feature of the parade Pakistanis and especially children look forward to are the coloured artworks. Fighter jets create designs in the sky with coloured sand representing various symbolic colours and symbols. The result is pictures that speak a thousand words and pictures we would love to make our lock screens!

Pakistan’s Upgraded Armour 

Pakistan has recently been investing in their armour through collaboration with countries like Turkey. Several new machines have been unveiled at the Pakistan Day March one of which is this surveillance drone. 

What Does It Mean?

Pakistan Day Parade and the day itself is no small feat. It is a milestone in the historical development of Pakistan and remains the day of the parade. The parade not only brings together the forces of Pakistan as a show of unity but it also highlights our history and culture.

Everything we see is the foundational structure of Pakistan without which we are merely a skeletal nation. Here’s to saluting them for their efforts and sacrifices.

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