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The world of gaming is quite widespread. In every corner of the Earth, you can find a gamer. The world is so extensive that numerous genres exist. It doesn’t matter whether you play shooters or horrors. Every gamer is unique to their skill set. So, what does the Epic Games store have for us this week? You might be aware of their free game policy that is exercised every week.

Epic Games is one of the most popular game stores out there. It stands out there right next to Steam and Origin. One of the most outstanding features is that the store is continually updating and improving. While it may have its drawbacks, it is certainly a good place to get free games! Yes, they give away free games to users every week. Each week is a new game. This week, we have some games for you to get and play!

Epic Games Purchase

The store application is completely free to download and install. Once done, you can make an account on it and even link it with your email. It also gives you the option to link with the steam account. Once that is done, simply scroll down the store tab and check out the games. For this week, we have two special ones.

The first free game is ‘Hell is other demons’. While the gameplay might not be too modern, the theme of the game is quite engaging. You take the battle to the enemy and spend hours going through level after level. You are guaranteed to get hooked on this game and it is completely free right now. The game is a fast-paced bullet-hell platformer. If you have played games like doom, quake, and meat boy, this should be a walk in the park.

The Second Buy

Now, this game is more towards the cooperative side. It is one of the best games to give one a nostalgic feeling. It has been here for quite a while and has gathered quite a lot of following. The game goes by the name of ‘Overcooked 2!’. The game is a sequel to the much-known ‘Overcooked!’ It puts the player in a cooking simulation world, wrought with challenges and riddles.

You cannot get bored of this game, especially when you can play with a friend. However, it will not be free after a day so you better get your hands on it as soon as possible. Since Epic Games offers new free games each this, these games are nearing the end of the week. The free games are available to get till June 24th, 2021.

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