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Fashion is subjective that I understand. But how subjective can it be if you start seeing what would have cost you PKR 15 in a Sunday bazaar priced at USD 457 in a Singaporean store called AMBUSH? So you can get a clothes peg packet that has more than ten pegs of 15 Pakistani rupees. Having witnessed my mommy bargain and get it for as low as PKR 10, I have stopped trusting shopping altogether. And then coming across a post like this is enough to give you further crisis.

So let’s backtrack a bit. There is a Singaporean pop art fashion label, AMBUSH. They recently released a line of earnings that have an uncanny resemblance to clothes pegs. And that is okay, considering when mommy would buy extra pegs, we would trying hooking it to our nose, lips, and then ears. So maybe, the fashion label was using that childhood memory thinking that it looked good. But here is the thing, what we enjoyed, and possibly bruised our ears with, cost way less than a dollar. And this allegedly new accessory costs USD 457. What’s even more bizarre is that one earring only costs 457 US dollars. If you want to make a pair of them, open up your trust funds, rich people.

Earrings or clothes pegs?

These earring lines have three colors. They are available in gold-tone, orange, and green. And you can buy it on the online platform, Fartech. In the description, you will find, “This green Nobo clip earring from AMBUSH features a spring-closed design, a peg shape, and an engraved logo.”

Furthermore, apparently, the green painted earring is the priciest at 760 Singaporean dollars. Gold-tone and orange are considerably lesser.

Did you know that the same brand has other weirdly overpriced products as well? One of them is cable ties. They are available in 5 colors, and the price range starts from 628 Singaporean dollars.

Anyway, these earrings were actually launched in 2019. But a Malaysian local sneaker business recently shared the earring detail, and it instantly went viral.

People were immediately trolling the product, though. They started reminiscing how this 457 USD product was used by mothers as punishment or that how the mothers would scold them for playing with important house stuff.

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