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If you have ever thought “what can be the worst food combo”, here is your answer and beware, it can make you nauseous!

Chocolate Maggi

We’re not sure whether this is a joke or not but a Twitterati shared his latest meal. It features a melting pot full of Maggi and chocolate bars. Just the sight of Maggi’s slurry and chocolate bars melting is enough to make one uncomfortable. 

However, as one begins to imagine the fusion of tastes more and more, it gets even worse!

Reactions of People

Here’s what went down in people’s heads when they saw this post!

Adventurous or Simpleton?

There are many who love to be adventurous with their food. Always trying out new food combos with unusual pairings makes some people excited. After all, you never know how many great recipes have been created by those who had the same passion. 

Some good food combos are biryani with zarda or maybe zarda with malai! We have grown up having these and we can totally get behind them. However, this maggi and chocolate combo is something that is abominable.

Other such food pairings are rice with ketchup or having mangoes with roti… yes, these are some people’s taste buds. Aliens do exist in the world.

How Best To Make Maggi?

The best way to make maggi is not usually what is told on the packet. There are many twists you can put on this instant snack which does not involve chocolate.

One way to try it is with garlic and brown butter. The idea is that you roast a bit of chopped garlic in a few tablespoons of butter until the butter browns slightly. Then adding maggi to it with water takes your snack to the next level.

chocolate noodles maggi
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Another variation is adding a cheese slice, chilli flakes and garlic powder to your maggi as they cook. The idea is basically to add flavour enhancers that can make this snack truly yours rather than just a packeted food. 

Nothing Beats Desis

This combo you see is created by none other than a desi. Truth be told, only desis can be this adventurous with food. You can not expect a white person to wake up one day and think let me make instant noodles with chocolate. Plus, this is a lot like having orange chocolate. It is definitely an acquired taste but not all acquired tastes are superior.

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