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It’s been revealed that there is a new sabzi in town that is catastrophic. Everyone should stay away from it in case they want to maintain their desi roots. Are you ready to learn about Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi? It’s deadly.

Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi Exposed

A man from India posted a picture to his Twitter that sent the desi society into a frenzy. The picture is captured of a placard attached to dishes at a buffet. The placard reads: Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi. That’s all we had to hear to pack our bags and leave the world with Jeff Bezos.

Even the person who posted about this dish had lost his mind and could not fathom what he saw. Here’s the viral tweet:

The Reactions Coming In

The reactions coming in have been far from appreciative, excited or elated. People are beyond disgusted, shocked and horrified as to what must have prompted someone to make this. They feel that their loved dish Gulab Jamuns have been disrespected and now they will face the wrath of Gulab Jamun Gods.

Here’s the chaos on Twitter spiralling out of control:

1+1 Made A Big Fat ‘NO’

Whoever created this dish is not a creative genius. Rather, they are evil genius. Perhaps they were intoxicated and not in the normal, logical and rational state of mind. What makes one think that “I should combine sabzi ka salan with Gulab Jamun – people will like it a lot”?

gulab jamunki sabzi
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In this case, 1+1 did not equal 2. It equalled a horrifying mutation that must be eliminated before it contaminates future generations. Aside from just sounding terrifying, how does this delicacy even work? Gulab Jamun is so soft to touch they crumble at the slightest of pressures. How can one make a proper sabzi ka salan out of them?

Some Taste Pairings Are Not Meant To Be

We grant you, yes we all have weird food combos we love. Ice cream and fries work. Biryani and meethe chawal together work. But under no circumstances will we accept the sweet and velvety taste of Gulab Jamun to be marred by curry. 

gulab jamunki sabzi
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The spice and the tomato-y aroma of curry can never be paired with something so sweet. It truly is an abomination. However, one thing we have learnt after seeing this dish is how passionate we are about our food. Can’t stand any disrespect for Gulab Jamuns, now or ever.

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